One of two performances of this this patch, each of which I like for different reasons, so I thought about keeping both as bookends for a sort of collection of compositions. Maybe an EP, we’ll see.

As fun as it is to let a patch play itself or set up macro controls to conduct the overall performance, sometimes it’s nice to just get in and do it by hand. Right before recording this, I unplugged a bunch of stuff controlling the VCA to run it as a straight-forward mixer. I think it was the right call.

And below you’ll find part II which gets a little too busy in places- one of the drawbacks of mixing to stereo in the modular system instead of multi tracking!¬†

Patch notes: This is a pretty simple patch with Plaits on one track which is also run through Rings in modulated/inharmonic string mode to add some brassy and scraping textures that get delayed with 4MS DLD. I made a mistake plugging in a gate signal into Rene’s CV offset resulting in the weirdly pitched pings. Decided to keep it in the piece because sometimes mistakes are fun.

I’m really impressed wih how many layers can be coaxed out of a modular system using just one oscillator!