Oscillator: Quadrax

Envelope: Quadrax

VCA (sorta): Quadrax

Clock: Quadrax

Vacillator: Quadrax

I thought I’d challenge myself to make a little tune using the inauspicious Quadrax as… well, just about everything except for the sequence (Pam’s) and some reverb (FX Aid). I love little musical puzzles like this and seem to learn something new every time. Check out the BPM on Pam’s 😂

Some notes on the patching and CV matrix:

1. Channel 1 (VCO) has it’s Rise/pitch controlled by a sequence from Pamela’s New Workout. It might also have some slight modulation of Shape or Fall from Chanel 4.

2. Channel 1 (VCO) has it’s Level controlled by the out from Channel 2 (AD envelope triggered by Pamela’s). I think it also has the Rise and Fall times modulated by Channel 4 (Vacillator) so that the envelope gets longer as the tempo slows down and faster as it speeds up.

3. Channel 3 (Down ramp triggering Pam’s clock) has it’s Rise/tempo modulated by Chanel 4 (Vacillator).

4. Channel 4 (Vacillator) is just self-patched into CV to modulate tempo and envelope.