Intellijel quadrax firmware update 1.2.0 brings phase sync for clock-synced LFOs and more!

From the Intellijel forums:

1.2.0 (2020-11-19)

NEW: Phase sync for clock-synced LFOs. See manual for details.
CHANGE: Various optimizations, reduced latency.
CHANGE: Sharper minimum attack and decay times.
CHANGE: Add 5% dead zone at end of pot travel to account for component tolerances.
CHANGE: Remove crossfade at the extreme ends of one-shot mode 1. Instead the waveform just switches from square to sine.
FIXED: Fixed initial phase of one-shot mode square waveforms.
FIXED: Improved trigger detection.

Find the latest Quadrax firmware and updated manual at (scroll to the very bottom of the page).

The linked video is from a little session I had with the beta firmware in quad-synced-VCO mode. This uses different frequency divisions/multiplications to make a simple monophonic sequence a bit more interesting.