Mutable Instruments have released an extended firmware for Stages which enables a quantized step sequencer mode. Check out the embedded video from @Rheyne for a lovely demo of what is possible when linking two Stages modules!

Here’s how the firmware works, from Émilie at Mutable Instruments:

In order to access this extended sequencer, simply put a HOLD or RAMP segment at the beginning of your step sequence. For example, to create a 4-step sequence with extended control, create a RAMP STEP STEP STEP STEP group.

The first segment will not be part of your sequence, but will control the playback and the quantization:

  • The pot at the top of the first segment controls the playback mode: forward, backward, pendulum (middle position), random, and addressable.
  • The GATE input of this first segment continues working as a clock, and the sequence CV is also being output by the first segment. When using the addressable playback mode, the clock signal is ignored.
  • The TIME/LEVEL CV input (and its slider) either serves as an address CV control when using the addressable playback mode, or as a reset input, when using one of the other playback modes.
  • If the first segment is a HOLD segment, no quantization is applied and the output range is full (a range of 0 to 8V is selected by the slider). If the first segment is a RAMP segment, the output range is limited to 0-1V, and the steps are quantized to semitones (ie, increments of 1/12V).
  • If your segments contain a loop, playback and addressing will be restricted to the looped portion.

The reset input works as follows. A rising edge on this input resets the sequencer to the first step, and inhibit the next clock pulse if it comes within the next 5ms. The clock is also inhibited while the reset input is held high.

The extended firmware download is available on the Mutable Instruments community forum.