I love this vertical DIY Eurorack case that Jens Paldam embedded in an instrument flight case. Not only does it accomplish something that is rarely seen in commercial cases (the vertical orientation), but it looks extremely solid and well protected for travel. 

But perhaps the best part is the clever slotted stand made of steel, which can be collapsed to fit inside the case. Be sure to click through to Jens’ Instagram post to see all the details. 

As a DIY-curious modular synth user, this kind of creativity really gets me thinking about what sort of setup would be ideal for me. The availability of online prototyping services like OSH Cut and Send Cut Send are a real boon for those of us who lack the tools to fabricate something like this from scratch! 

Heres some more info on the case from Jens:

This is my DIY live case. It holds 4 x 63 hp worth of modules. My reason for integrating it with a flight case, was to make it easy to travel with, but as I learned last year when bringing it with me to Japan, it’s length exceed the standard size requirements for carry on luggage by 3cm. Not ideal, but luckily most flight attendants are really sweet. Since I like playing an upright synth. I have designed the steel holders, that can be taken apart easily and packed in the case.