I’ve recently abandoned my quest for the One Sequencer To Rule Them All (USTA comes pretty close though!) and have instead begun to play with sending various “micro sequencers” through a common quantizer. This is a fun way to make each voice feel like a distinct instrument. And it’s full of happy accidents.

In this patch, I was not quite sure what my master clock source should be. In the midst of changing it from one module to another for the umpteenth time, I happened to end up with this lovely arpeggio which was out of sync with the master clock but somehow felt just right.

Looking at the patch, the sheer number of “clocks” happening is a bit silly:

1. Pamela’s New Workout clocking PEG’s second channel envelope durations for the slow string-type sound (STO).

2. Befaco Muxlicer triggering the actual envelopes (time-quantized but with clock division modulated).

3. PEG’s first channel using a tapped tempo to create the base of the arpeggio (also used to sample an hold pitch).

4. DLD using a tapped tempo to generate the arpeggio (left channel) and a rhythmic swell (right channel).

5. Magneto using a tapped tempo to make the string sound a bit more lush.

All of this madness is glued together using phase-shifted LFOs from Pam’s to bring sections in an out via VCAs and other modulation. I could definitely use a true mixer to have better control over panning, but somtimes it’s fun to get weird with the mix.