Swiss designer and musician Silvio Brügger has succesfully funded the Fold Case Kickstarter! This is clever looking flat-pack 84hp Eurorack case that is designed to be assembled by the user. Here’s the pitch:

Day by day eurorack modular is becoming more and more popular among all kind of musicians. But the most eurorack cases are still quite expensive.

Fold Case is trying to change this. With its semi-DIY approach in mind aiming to reduce the cost in production. Fold Case will be delivered flat (unfolded) you will do the folding and the simple assembly – it’s a bit like an IKEA furniture.

In its cheapest configuration (about $44 USD in the initial Kickstarter campaign), the case does not include modular rails or a power source, which makes it a great counterpart to the Tiptop Happy Ending Kit.

Upgrades are available from the base folder, including options with rails, oak side panels, and even a “Double Deluxe” option with extended oak side panels used to join two 3U cases together into one 6U case.

The first cases are expected to ship in July 2021 and if you missed out on this round, you can keep an eye out for updates on the Fold Case Instagram account.