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LA Circuits Eurorack Attaché Briefcase

While building a Eurorack modular synth into a suitcase isn’t a new idea (think EMS Synthi AKS), it sure is an interesting choice in 2020. LA Circuits have teased their Attaché Briefcase System for 2021 and it looks great....

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The Curse of Imitor Versio

I think I may have just fallen in love with Noise Engineering over their deep dive blog about the curse of the Imitor Versio: Once we ironed out the details, we dove headfirst into development… which is when we discovered the...

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MI Stages extended sequencer firmware

Mutable Instruments have released an extended firmware for Stages which enables a quantized step sequencer mode. Check out the embedded video from @Rheyne for a lovely demo of what is possible when linking two Stages modules!...

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The OXI One sequencer looks killer

The quest to find the perfect sequencer may never truly end, but I must say that the forthcoming OXI ONE sequencer just might as good as it gets. It’s a 8×16 multitouch-sensitive grid with RGB lighting and a...

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