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Category: Jams

Eurorack is for Lovers

Here’s the second Eurorack duet session with me and my wife. It’s hard to get useful video with us tucked away in the kitchen dining nook, but I hope you can at least enjoy our noses. I think they are delightful. To...

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Modular Synth Date Night

It’s hard for me to not share my excitement for whatever hobby I am into at the moment and my wife often has the unfortunate distinction of being the person who is at the receiving end of it. I can usually gauge her level of...

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Solitario I & II, ambient modular patch

One of two performances of this this patch, each of which I like for different reasons, so I thought about keeping both as bookends for a sort of collection of compositions. Maybe an EP, we’ll see. As fun as it is to let a...

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BitBox Micro Multisampled Piano

I had a few false starts deciding on a Eurorack sampler, first becoming enamored with the Assimil8or, then picking up a BitBox2, ony to realize I messed up and it is actually the smaller BitBox Micro that has the killer feature...

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Ambient jam with Marbles, 2020-12-05

Tonights’s jam featuring #mutableinstrumentsmarbles sequencing Plaits (plucks), Elements (bells), and STO (flutey thing). Not the most inspired patch but it lowered my blood pressure a bit 💁‍♂️ I still have much to learn about...

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MI Stages extended sequencer firmware

Mutable Instruments have released an extended firmware for Stages which enables a quantized step sequencer mode. Check out the embedded video from @Rheyne for a lovely demo of what is possible when linking two Stages modules!...

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Quadrax Techno

So I got to thinking… “can Quadrax be run at audio rate?” and the answer is, YEP. It sounds pretty wicked, too. Lots of different sounds can be coaxed from the shape and rise (waveform) knobs in LFO mode. This clip...

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