I had a few false starts deciding on a Eurorack sampler, first becoming enamored with the Assimil8or, then picking up a BitBox2, ony to realize I messed up and it is actually the smaller BitBox Micro that has the killer feature I was looking for: multisampling! So after returning the BitBox2 for it’s little bro, here we are.

When I say multisampling, the real magic is that BitBox Micro has a MIDI out jack so you can plug it into a DAW, hardware synth, etc… and have it automatically “play” whatever instrument you want to sample and automatically create a note-for-note recreation of it in a Eurorack module! I was able to get this working without reading the manual so I think it’s fairly simple, but I do need to dig in and see if it’s possible to create a velocity-layered multisample that can be controlled via CV.

The clip here was made by multisampling Ableton Live’s grand piano. It sounds pretty good and really brings something new to my little modular setup. I’m very pleased.