My Intellijel 4U 62hp case finally came in and I cannibalized some modules from my main cases to get it up and running in a not-quite-final form. I must say that in this configuration it doesn’t feel like I am giving up much over my main setup.

I’m running this off of a 50,000mAh battery and it seems like I’ll get many hours out of it. I particularly like just putting my headphones directly in and jamming wherever- then if it feels like the patch is going somewhere, I can plug it into my mobile recording setup to put something on tape. I’ll share some thoughts about the case once I have more time on it but so far I am quite pleased.

This patch uses Plaits and Quadrax as voices. Quadrax is run through Disting MkIV’s tape delay which I have not messed with much but found to be really impressive. It can build up a nice drone but it’s oddly controlled and doesn’t go into feedback as soon as expected.

And, yes, that is an old Langstroth bee hive box I’m performing on. I thought it was particularly fitting considering the cameo at the end of the vid.