Here’s my mobile, battery-powered Eurorack setup based around a 62hp Intellijel Palette case.

It’s powered by a 50,000mAh power bank and I record through a MOTU M2 into my iPhone or iPad.

What I like about this setup

I got back into making music during the pandemic after a 13 year break and it seems I have tried to make up for lost time by going a bit overboard with Eurorack. I have a couple of Intellijel 104x7U cases filled already and am finding that there is possibly such a thing as too many options.

I really enjoy minimalist compositions, usually with just one or two simple voices. Even so, this setup forces me to get a bit more creative and use things in non-obvious ways (Quadrax as an audio oscillator) or dig into modules that I tend to overlook when they are in my larger setup (anything requiring a manual, e.g. Disting and O_c).

The mobile aspect of this setup is really a treat and something I’d encourage folks to consider. I can start patching in one room and them move about the house or take my session outside. The experience of patching outdoors with open backed headphones on is really interesting as my brain sometimes can’t distinguish the ambient sounds from the patch I’m working on

What I want to change

The biggest issue with this setup is that modules with a display can be problematic in outdoor lighting. Pamela’s New Workout is particularly unusable but I’ve since mitigated this by swapping the acrylic screen protector for a clear one.

I’ve also been feeling a bit limited by not having a true mixer (I just run out from Veils into FX Aid) so I’ve made some updates recently and will post a followup with some thoughts after spending more time with it.

For more information about the modules in this case, check out the ModularGrid page.